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  1. VR Every Day - What Would Happen If I...

    There's no denying that the hype train is on for VR. You've heard me talk about it several times on the BitBitByte Podcast. One thing that consistently has me concerned, however, is that of motion sickness, especially when using a controller (i.e. playing a first person game and walking/running with quick analog stick turns makes me want to toss my cookies). There's a prevailing idea that finding the "sweet spot" in terms of frame rate can help alleviate that, but I thought it would be more fun ...
  2. New Year = New PC Giveaway

    To celebrate the New Year, we are about to unleash the proverbial kraken of awesomeness and give out close to 50 PC games! All of them will be digital, either Steam or Origin codes, given out on various social media sites. I would advise, at the very least, to like us on Facebook and drastically increase your chances of winning!

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  3. Thought I disappeared, did you? W2cast Announced!

    So it's been quite a while since I updated this blog. Too long, actually. Crazy how fast time flies. Seems like just a few weeks ago that I launched the site. A lot has changed since my last blog entry. The site has certainly changed, hopefully for the better. Much time has been spent as of late doing video game reviews, updating deals, and occasionally covering news topics. I hope to branch out and do some more tech reviews, news stories, and app reviews in the future. We are getting a ...
  4. First Really Wordy Blog Post/Novel!

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    Greetings Internet-ers!

    If you don't know who I am, then allow me to introduce myself. I am the Founder of This And That Tech, loved by many and hated by few, Mr. Nathan Russell Wertz, aka WERTZtilitHURTZ in the forums . Thank you, thank you. Please, please, you are all too kind. Calm down so you don't disturb your neighbors and can actually read the rest of this blog...please...thank you.

    Anyways, to give the quick story arc ...