Episode 25: The Uninterested Circle of Life

    Samsung scores a President Trump tweet, Google Now launcher killed, Nathan is a simple creature, Uber’s CEO and Trump, robots learning Ms. PacMan, cheating with the Macbook Pro Touch Bar, “I’m a Mac” guy now promotes Huawei, Sweden cutting greenhouse emissions, Outlook 2016 use scenarios, Gamestop’s sketchy Circle of Life Program, Nintendo Switch’s online service, Oculus loses court case, Super Bowl LI predictions, Michael slaps the mic, treasure hunting with Curse of Oak Island, and the quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. 

    An instant classic episode from the past just for you. 

    Music by

    Nathan Wertz
    Self-proclaimed Internet Sensation and owner of You may have also seen him spearheading the "Vets in Tech" interview series over at

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