Episode 10: The State of the “B3” Union Address

    We discuss lessons learned over the past 9 episodes and let you know where we see the podcast going in the future. Not only that, there is also subjective intellectual conversations surrounding Nintendo [shockingly…] refusing to engage with fans who desperately want to engage with them, Sony mistakenly takes down No Man’s Sky journalism videos, Titanfall 2’s single player campaign, Netflix sticking their toes into the VR waters with Stranger Things, VR guns with haptic feedback, the death of the open web because of Google and Facebook, Michael’s trimming of the beard, and Comcast wants to charge you more money because…privacy?

    A big thank you to everyone who continues to listen! Very much appreciated. Let it be known that we chose to celebrate the completion of episode 10 with a classy trip to Taco Bell, where Nathan somehow managed to get 3 free nacho cheese chalupas. This can mean only two things: The podcast gods smile upon us and the podcast was meant to be…Odin be praised.

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    Nathan Wertz
    Nathan Wertz
    Self-proclaimed Internet Sensation and owner of You may have also seen him spearheading the "Vets in Tech" interview series over at

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