Episode 21: Macbook Pro Review

    The Macbook Pro is upon us and Michael has his paws on one! We discuss some initial impressions with the specs, keyboard, Touch ID, Touch Bar, other touchy things, as well as if it’s suitable for a power user. 

    We also speak more on Twitter anti-bullying news, EA instates disclosure rules for YouTubers and Streamers in Germany, a USB dongle called PoisonTap that will ruin your life, Office Depot misleads people to sell more services, and Britain passes the most extreme surveillance law in a democracy.

    Then we wrap up with our review of Tyranny, the story-rich RPG game developed by Obsidian. 

    Do the world a favor and download this episode.

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    Nathan Wertz
    Nathan Wertz
    Self-proclaimed Internet Sensation and owner of You may have also seen him spearheading the "Vets in Tech" interview series over at

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