Episode 5: Word of the Day is Disclosure…and Air-Boobs

    Verizon insults us with their new wireless plans, YouTubers “forget” to disclose that they own a CS:GO gaming gambling site…that they gamble on, Nvidia drops a cheap GPU for VR, why you shouldn’t buy a hoverboard, PBS fakes fireworks, and we go deep into…no, hands on…no…well, more like minds on Japan’s Adult VR Festival, where one can feel the joys and pleasure of interacting with headless, limbless sex robots and touching a woman’s breast using only air. Yes, you read that correctly. That, and much, much, more. Do take a listen or live in limitless regret and abandonment.

    Music Intro/Outro: Techno Dog
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    Nathan Wertz
    Nathan Wertz
    Self-proclaimed Internet Sensation and owner of You may have also seen him spearheading the "Vets in Tech" interview series over at

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