iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount Review

    With the strides made in the cell phone industry, we now have in our pockets or purses/man satchels/fannie packs, an awesome array of mobile technology that lets us know our location at any given time, even if we are hopelessly stewpid and lost. Sure, the NSA is spying on your every move, but at least you know where the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts is located for your leisure. 

    And that old GPS in your car, you know the one with the screen you have to upper cut in order to get it to register anything on the resistive screen? Fret no more and throw it out the window, because your mobile device probably has a GPS inside of it. The only thing you need now is a mount for it. Your choices are: tried and true super glue, packing tape, or perhaps the iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount. 

    In the Box

    There are essentially two parts to the iOttie, the suction cup mount and the adjustable bracket. That’s the only parts that need to be put together. Ultimately, the packaging is very straight to the point. It even has the installation instructions right on the back of the box, with an additional slip of colored instructions on the inside. Honestly, if you can’t figure out how to put it together after seeing the aforementioned, you may have bigger problems on your hands or perhaps no problems whatsoever, depending on how you look at it :D.


    After sliding them into place, you can easily attach the sticky suction cup on any surface. However, some may find the sticky substance to be too much, especially if you like to detach your mount down occasionally. Anyways, the suction strength feels substantial, like one could ride a feral dragon by permanently attaching it to their mythical scales and simply holding on. I can attest to this, as the one in my car certainly is not going anywhere. Regardless, it allows the user to make adjustments on the phone as needed, never worrying about it falling to the ground. 

    To mount your device, all that is required is placing your phone within the mount and putting a little pressure on it. This pressure activates the middle button you see above, making the arms clamp down, creating a secure environment for your voyage. As for removing your device, all that is needed is squeezing the two “open bars” on each side that release your phone. 

    You may notice a bit of vibration in the mount, which is expected while driving, but it doesn’t impact your ability to read or use the touch screen on your phone that much. It’s still vastly superior when compared to the longer “adjustable goose neck” mounts that I have used in the past. Staring at the repetitive bouncing screen on those was likely to cause a seizure of epic proportions. To be fair, my car has aftermarket dual exhaust on it (because I was an idiot in my youth & thought it would be a “hella” cool idea to slowly drive myself insane with loud noises), so YMMV when it comes to vibration with the iOttie. 

    The other handy feature of note is the ability to quickly switch your phone from portrait to landscape mode by turning the adjusting knob. So whatever your preference for driving, literally takes 5 seconds to set up. Super easy. 


    The iOttie One Touch Car Mount is one of the better mounts on the market. One can easily tell upon first use that extensive thought was given to engineering a mount device that would be quick and painless. The price is right and it seems like one would get years upon years of use from it without needing to upgrade. When comparing it to other mounts out there, many violently “snap” into place, meaning if any tiny piece breaks, you probably have to buy another one. Not so with the iOttie. This will be in use for the foreseeable future, while I wreak havoc on the road with my windows down, lion’s mane flowing in the wind, while simultaneously listening to one of those sounds of nature CDs…

    I’m used to phone accessories being cheaply made necessary evils that one has to splurge on every generation, but I was pleasantly surprised by this clever mount, and I think you will be too. I was able to test both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note/S4 mounts and had the exact same user experience on both. It seems rather arbitrary to give a score out for a car mount, so I’ll just leave it at this: If you’re in the market right now, look no further.

    iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount: Buy

    THIS!Ohhh, that…..
    Easy AssemblyVibration
    Clever DesignSticky Suction Cup
    Build Quality
    Attaching & Detaching is Painless
    Good Price

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