A quick demo review of MOTHERGUNSHIP. Stumbled across it in the store and have to say I’m pretty impressed thus far.

    Below is a transcript of the YouTube Video Review of the MOTHERGUNSHIP demo.

    Hey, how’s it going, internetz?  Nathan from This And That Tech. 

    So I think I may have stumbled across this gem in the Xbox Store.  It’s also in the PSN Store as well.  It’s called MOTHERGUNSHIP and it’s effectively a first person shooter/bullet hell hybrid. 

    It feels very much like Doom or Unreal Tournament because it moves so quick, as you can see on the screen here.

    As you’re fighting the baddies, which are all robots in the demo, they drop this in-game currency that you can use.  So after you win an arena battle, you go back to the main hub where there’s this store where you can buy all these different mods for your gun.  There is also a crafting bench that makes the game very unique because you can add connectors, which will add sockets to the gun you’re currently holding. 

    So for example let’s say you have a machine gun in your right hand.  You can take a connector, put that on the gun, which will give you an additional socket, and then add a freakin’ flame thrower to it.  Because why not, right?!?  It’s awesome! 

    And then you can even add things like mines on the bottom, so every time you fire it’ll shoot out a mine or maybe it’ll shoot out grenades.  You can add more chain gun attachments, rail guns.  You name it, there’s all kinds of different things to do.  So you can really cater to whatever playstyle you want to have. 

    Now, it’s important to mention that the ammo itself is called energy.  So you use energy every time you fire your weapon.  And the more attachments you have to your weapon, it’s gonna cost you more energy, which is gonna give you a longer cooldown period before you can fire again.  So there’s a lot of give and take to manage there, which makes the game all that much more fun to play. 

    Now, in terms of modes, I believe there is going to be a local co-op as well as an online co-op gameplay mode, which is very interesting because it’s gonna allow you to each use your separate playstyles and see if it makes some of the rounds easier.  So I really like that. 

    You know what it reminds me of, even though it’s not even remotely the same type of game, is Dead Space 3, because I believe that game they finally started to let you mod your weaponry into all kind of various things, add all these different attachments and stuff that would give your character a very unique playing style.  So that’s what I really dig about this and I think it’s got a lot of potential.

    So we’ll have to see what the reviews are when they come out.  Maybe I’ll try to get my hand on a copy and look into it further.  But look, the game has got this great tongue in cheek feel to it and I think a lot of people may actually like it if they give it a shot. 

    Anyway, let me know what you think about it down below in the comments.  If you would like, comment, and subscribe, I always appreciate it.  Thanks for watching.  Have a good one.

    Nathan Wertz
    Nathan Wertz
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