Playstation VR Release Date Announcement and Price

    Well, we knew this had to be coming eventually. Sony finally has given us an October 2016 release date along with pricing for Playstation VR in the United States ($399), Europe (399), and Japan (¥44,980). 

    When compared to the high prices of the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, $399 seems like a bargain when you factor in the additional costs of a high-end PC. It’ll be interesting to see if console owners will view this as an expensive and unnecessary accessory or a must-have addition to their living rooms.

    I’m still on the VR hype train, so I’m in, assuming there aren’t low frame rates that make me feel nauseous… 

    We’ve provided a transcript of the video below.

    Andrew House, President and Global CEO at Sony Computer Entertainment:

    Hello everyone. Today I have some exciting news that I wanted to share with you directly. Playstation VR will launch in October of 2016, priced at 399 dollars, 399 euros, and 44,980 yen. 

    For over two decades we’ve aspired to take gamers somewhere greater and we believe that virtual reality is the next step on that journey and will usher in an entirely new era of gaming. 

    Thanks for being with us on the journey and for making Playstation the best place to play.

    [Video montage of games currently in development for Playstation VR plays].

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